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Can't get to a class? Want to go at your own pace?

Try a Aqua Yoga Sequence Sheet

11 x 17 water-resistant, laminated sequence sheet

These sheets would be great for yoga teachers and yoga therapist who want more ideas on how to help their clients with aqua yoga. Each sequence has cues and images of each pose however some previous "land" yoga experience under the guidance of a teacher may be helpful as a way to better understand the basics of each posture.
Each sequence has: Ideas of what to practice, Safety tips, Beautiful photos, Cues, Therapeutic qualities certain vayus or energies specific to the therapeutic goal.

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Sequence Sheet For Arthritis/ Fibromyalgia Sequence Sheet For Arthritis/ Fibromyalgia

A gentle sequence for for people with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Excellent for building strength, decreasing pain and maintaining flexibility.

: $20.00
Sequence Sheet Stroke/ Heart Disease Sequence Sheet Stroke/ Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer in the USA, with stroke at number 5. This sequence is helpful for de-stressing and encouraging overall better circulation of blood and vital energies of the body.

: $20.00
Sequence Sheet Obesity/ Diabetes Sequence Sheet Obesity/ Diabetes

The water environment is a wonderful place where people with bigger bodies can find a sense of freedom, joy, accomplishment and pleasure, all which are excellent motivations to practice.

: $20.00
Sequence Sheet/ Healthy Back Package Sequence Sheet/ Healthy Back Package

Ideal for people who suffer from low back stiffness and pain and would like to find relief through a more holistic approach. This package includes a aqua yoga sequence sheet as well as a booklet with alternative ways encourage healing.

: $25.00